Noah Moses


Noah Moses ( yes, that's his real name) is a Blues-Americana player based out of Clarence, NY.  He brings old and new sounds together to create a bridge to memories of the past, and the hope of a better future.   He derives his inspiration from life experiences; and struggles dealing with faith, love, and identity.  

Noah's musical journey, and search for identity actually started two generations prior to his.  The story goes, that his father Jack, was put up for adoption as an infant.  As he grew up, the only bit of information he could find out about his biological father was that he was extremely musically inclined.  Jack never pursued music, but did have a keen ear, which would later be pivotal in Noah's formative years.

Time went by and Noah happened to stumble upon his first harmonica, and the rest as they say is history.  He started flying through lessons, and realized he'd found a way to fight the blues...with the blues.   After getting the harmonica well under way, he decided to see what he could do with guitar.  Due to some humble beginnings a First Act guitar of one of his younger brothers was the best he could do.  When you add to the mix that Noah is a south paw, you have the perfect recipe of upside down chords that will a short time later flip themselves over in his brain and hands in a most miraculous way. 

This all took place in the fall of 2011.  As Christmas came over the horizon he considered asking for a guitar, but didn't want to burden his parents.  So he prayed a simple prayer asking God for a left-handed guitar and forget about it, but God didn't.  On the Sunday before Christmas, a soon-to-be mentor of Noah's walked up to him and handed him a left-handed Telecaster saying, "God told me to give this to you." 

Since then,  Noah's had the opportunity to play in four countries,  numerous television interviews, (make sure to check out the interview section!) released his first EP, and looks forward to what else is in store for him on his journey.